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Kidney Beans with Red Wine & Parsley
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying

Fennel Bulb & Cilantro White Pesto
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Inspire yourself with your own pesto creations. Try any leaf or green vegetable. Pesto makes a great garnish on any dish, but especially for bean, potato, corn, or rice. Enjoy!

Refreshing Cabbage, Cilantro & Aloe Juice
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying

Chickpea with Coconut Pesto
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Never feel bored again. Pesto is the perfect antidote when you have the food blahs. Just add them to your favorite dish.

Homemade Hummus
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Perfect as a snack or side dish that can be shared at picnics or to give you energy before and after activities. Garlic, lemon and onion add sharp, sour and pungent tastes that are balanced by the smooth texture of chickpeas and the nutty depth of...

Crunchy Chips in Sweet & Savory Sauce
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Experiment with crunchy snacks in sweet & savory sauces. Called Dahi Papdi Chaat in India, this recipe often includes tamarind or mint chutney, cumin, chopped raw onions, or cilantro. It may also include exotic 'black salt' which has a deeper, more...

Dandelion Cardamom Tea
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Fresh from your yard, dandelion tea is like drinking sunshine in a cup. Use the leaves and the flowers in this delicious, simple recipe.

Corn & Fennel Soup
Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
A tasty variation of a simple American dish.

Kitchari for the American Kitchen
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Kitchari is Ayurveda's perfect food, indicated in times of recovery as well as cleansing. Kitchari can even be the centerpiece of a mono-diet or fast, as it is a simple food that supplements the healing process. As with Grandma's chicken soup, there are...

Chamomile, Lemon & Honey Tea
Vata aggravatingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying

Honey & Spice Throat Coat
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
The sweetness of honey provides a soothing base for the warm heat of the spices. Ginger and black pepper impart an energizing & stimulating lift. This spicy, warm sweet and thick lozenge is delightfully tasty for children and adults alike.

Apricot & Dill Mustard Dressing
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Curried apricots are popular in South African 'Braais' or barbecue. Here turkish apricots sweeten and give a smokey flavor to pungent mustard and dill. Turmeric in the mustard provides slight bitterness that makes this condiment versatile enough to be a...

Sweet Beet & Mint Soup
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Warming, grounding and sweet, Sweet Beet Paste has a luxurious purple sheen and surprising spicy finish. The aromatic oils in mint offer a surprising lift to the heaviness of the beet root.

Asparagus & Mushroom Rice with Black Pepper
Vata pacifyingPitta pacifyingKapha aggravating
Snappy green asparagus add freshness to earthy, soft mushrooms in rice. Joyful Belly discovered this recipe as a mushroom risotto in a small restaurant off a dark alley in Venice.

Mashed Potatoes with Cilantro & Mustard
Vata pacifyingPitta aggravatingKapha pacifying
Called Aloo Bharta in India, a soft and spicey favorite making American mashed potatoes bland by comparison.

Collard Greens with Potato, Lemon & Turmeric
Vata aggravatingPitta pacifyingKapha pacifying
Simple and delicious, there are many variations. Although this recipe uses lemon others make collard greens with vinegar.

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